Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An analysis of my traffic patterns.

I’ve mentioned a time or two that I basically have zero followers. If you’re looking at my list to the right, and saying “Wait, I see followers there!” shut up, those aren’t followers. At the time of this writing, I have exactly 3, one is myself and the other two are a friend of mine who doesn’t actually read the journal.

And yet, when I consistently update, I manage to earn about 80 hits a month. Yes, this is not the most popular site on the net. But that can all change! Haha, not really.

Now, a lot of those hits are probably just me. I don’t browse around my own journal the same way I look at my wiki(of which way more than half the hits are definitely me), so its clear that at least a few individuals have, at some point, stumbled across the site.

What I find particularly fascinating is the number of hits outside the country. I live in America, and a good majority of my hits also come from America, but I get a surprising amount of traffic from Slovenia, Russia, Germany, and even Malaysia. In this case “Surprising” should be clarified as around 60 hits from each other those places.

Then there are the individual articles. No one actually reads them(well, one guy does, and I appreciate him for it), but for a while this one article consistently got at least one unique hit a day. It was an article about Back to the Future, and if my page views counter is to be believed, it is the most-read thing I have ever written.

Go figure.

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