Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Once again, another positive experience with AuthorHOUSE.

If you’ve been reading for the past few days, you probably know that I am gearing up to release the 4th book in my series, The Inclination to Destiny. If you’ve read or at least looked at any of my other books, you know that my self-publisher of choice is a company called AuthorHOUSE.

Now, counting the Course Books, this will be my sixth book through them, and I intend to continue self-publishing with that company for quite some time. While cheaper alternatives exist in the self-publishing world, the level of service you receive from AuthorHOUSE really is worth the extra cost. Today I’d like to share a specific example.

This particular story begins in September of 2010. I was ready with my 3rd Course Book, the now available Concourse to Victory. I already knew the routine, so I called up my contact-point and set everything up. Pretty quick and easy, as usual.

The very next day, I went back the next day to continue the process, and discovered that they were running a promotion, about 30% off the regular price. So I called them up again and explained that I had literally JUST bought a publishing package and was wondering if there was any way I could get the discount. I wasn’t annoyed, or anything, but it was a nice chunk of change and I figured a phone call couldn’t hurt.

Well, what I found was that while they could not retroactively apply the discount, what they could do was sell me a second package and discount both of them. Ok, kind of an up-sell, but ultimately not an unfair bargain. I already knew I was going back to them for the 4th book, and it was a VERY good deal. So I paid the difference and got on with book 3.

Ok, while it would be easy to be outraged by the up-sell, I maintain that it was a fair compromise. Its not like those publishing packages expire or anything, I waited 2 years between buying and using my first one. Now, flash forward to today, when I call up to try and use the package I bought nearly a year ago.

Problem? Slightly, they can’t find my package. The gentlemen I spoke to on the phone was very politely(everyone there is) and did everything he could before transferring me up to his supervisor. Before pushing the button, he gave me that person’s extension and explained that they were on the phone and I would need to leave a voicemail. I did with all the information I had(AuthorHOUSE has always been great at getting back to me) and then I waited. In the time I had, I dug through my credit card statements and found confirmation that I was in fact not crazy and had bought both packages.

Well, the second gentlemen called me back a few hours later having already identified, located, and solved the problem to completely reasonable expectations. It was a glitch in their system(which is understandable) but they had proper redundancies and were able to solve the problem with very little effort, and everything is back on track.

The only bad thing I will ever say about AuthorHOUSE is do not try to publish with them in November or December. Ten months out of the year they are about the greatest company I have ever dealt with.

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