Thursday, November 10, 2011

So I just realized I missed my anniversary, today is November 10th and this whole thing started on November 2nd, one year and 8 days ago today. Wow. Well, I'd like to say its been fun, to genuflect on my successes, to announce that I have made some actual progress... but I can't really do any of that because it'd be a bit of a lie.

Lets put it in perspective. 1 year, 124 posts. Average about 2 a week. Total 1200 hits, or about 3 a day. Great, except that a good third of those come from the former soviet union. Not that I have anything against the U.S.S.R., but seriously, what the heck?

So one year, 1200 hits, and a grand total of 1 follower. I have no idea who you are, Mr. Kenobi, but thanks!

I'd like to close today by linking my 3 most popular articles: Back to the FutureFamily Trees, and The Length of a Novel

That's all. For now.

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