Thursday, October 13, 2011

Amazon’s Create Space for self-published books.

Earlier I talked about e-books, now let’s take a look at self-publishing paperbacks through Amazon’s Create Space. As you probably know, I’ve got a few books already available through AuthorHOUSE. And while I still have no complaints about the company or their level of service, I have discovered that I can sell my books for a lot less through CreateSpace.

The quality of the prints is good. Not as good as AuthorHOUSE(which prints through Lightning Source), but definitely acceptable.

The key upside(or downside) is that you can choose to do 100% of the interior formatting yourself, which drastically reduces the setup fees(to as low as “free” if you so desire). It can take a good chunk of time and you will need a very thorough understanding of Microsoft Word, but you can do it.

So I will be moving all of my books slowly over to CreateSpace, which means you should buy the current ones now while they are priceless first-editions! Haha, yeah I am fixing stuff…

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