Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Well, today I'm back and I spent the whole morning working in 3DS Max. My old friend and great passion, 3D will hopefully become an exciting extension to my my writing. I have already brought a few pieces of my story-world to life here and here, but it doesn't seem as though its interesting all that many people.

My first passion in 3D was reflections, raytraced materials and the mental-ray renderer. I spent countless hours painstakingly assembling elaborate collections of glassware and even more time on rendering--some of these scenes took up to 24 hours to render a single frame!

Now, I have a much faster computer today(also several of them, actually!) and a good deal more experience with painting textures, unwrapping objects, and generally doing stuff. So, I think if I can find the sort of patience I apparently used to have(serious, hours!?) I plan to be putting together some really fun stuff.

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