Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beginning to see the forest through the trees.

Well, not long ago I talked a bit about Amazon’s CreateSpace, and had mostly good things to say. My first title is even available here, although unless you’re really desperate for some of my writing, you might want to opt for the kindle edition.

Anyway, as I work on my second title, I am finding my experience considerable more disappointing. After purchasing the much lauded “pro plan” I discovered that you cannot set individual price-points according to distribution channel. The cheapest option is the createspace estore, I can sell my book there for about $11, pretty good. If I want it available on Amazon, I have to up the price to $14… in the createspace store.

I find this very odd; why is it not possible to set price-points according to each channel? Why can’t I have 1 price for estore customers and another for Amazon.com customers; and while I’m at it, why not a different price for expanded distribution? Why do I have to set my price as high as $21 just to GET expanded distribution options, very effectively screwing anyone who wants to but from the e-store?

I don’t know. I’ll post an update if I ever find out.

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